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About MicroRFconnector.com

MicroRFconnector.com with the company name Kingsun United Development Co., Ltd., which founded in 2008, is created basing on the idea of improving the existing business model from providing service to providing product plus service. MicroRFconnector.com is a brand new experiment by putting one series of our major product as the domain, even we can provide a lot of other products, the only purpose for this change is to make a try, by putting more our resources and energy, and just focus on RF Connector series products, to provide better service to customer.


About Our Services in MicroRFconnector

MicroRFconnector.com is currently providing RF connector, RF adapter, Glass Bead, as well as some tools. Apart from suppling these parts which show in our website to our customer, we can also provide customizable service on RF connector, RF adapter and Glass Bead.

Wenwei Huang

The founder of MicroRFconnector.com

Mydi Huang
Sales Director

The sales director of MicroRFconnector.com


The engineer of MicroRFconnector.com

Ying Chen
Customer Support

The supporter of MicroRFconnector.com